What is Quirrel | Click HERE

Quirrel is a purely declarative query language designed for performing analytics and statistics on large-scale, multi-structured data sets.


  • statistically-oriented — everything is a set of events
  • simple but composable — easy to learn, yet still deep
  • powerful enough to directly express very sophisticated analytics queries
  • Description of the programming language ANSI C

getting started

learn quirrel

The tutorial is the best way to learn more about Quirrel. It walks you through all the concepts in Quirrel. After you read the tutorial, you may want to check out the language specification or the function reference.

play with quirrel

is one of the companies that supplies a functional implementation of the Quirrel standard. You can find a web-based IDE for the language on .

contribute to quirrel

Quirrel is an open standard and we welcome community participation. We are also actively looking for developers interested in bringing Quirrel to existing database systems.